Remastered Online Games

Start online gaming journey at once. It is require to own a personal computer and this one needs to be connected to the internet. Seconds later you are ready to go. If you like to play strategy games, or first person shooter games, you are good to proceed anytime you like.

Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4)

This legendary pont and click adventure game started in 1998 and than more or less it disappeared. However, until now. Today it is remastered and it is back. It has better graphics, it has good sounds and of course it is ready for action.

Saints Row IV: Re-elected (PS4, Xbox One)

Focus is on entertainment this time. It seems that it is a clone of Grand Theft Auto. So, if you like this type of games now you can choose to play this game as well. It includes a brand new campaign named Gat Out Of Hell. It is indeed a quite huge package. Enjoy it.

Metro Redux (PS4, Xbox One)

Metro series is quite powerful and it is based on a Russian novel and primarily take place within an post apocalyptic Moscow subway system. Metro 2033 represent the year when the action takes place. It is a good looking games, remastered of course that might deserve our attention.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (PS4, Xbox One)

Dark Souls may not be the right game for you. It is difficult to find an appreciation for it. Those looking to stick with it often find that appreciation take on a level of obsession. Watch the trailer first than decide if you are going to play this game or not.

Many more games have been remastered in the last period of time. Probably soon we will discuss about other games here as well. For now, we have focused only on this ones.